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Who's buyiung what [Infographic]

By Mark Bosci - 2 years ago

How to Influence Purchasing Decisions On The Web [INFOGRAPHIC]

By Mark Bosci - 2 years ago

Infographic courtesy of M Booth and Beyond


Down That Little Lane is now live

By Mark Bosci - 2 years ago

Macdaddy is proud to announce the launch of Down That Little Lane e-commerce shopping portal. The site provides sellers with a low cost solution to sell their bespoke wares, while ensuring the experience for buyers is engauging and memorable.

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Click here to visit Down That Little Lane

Operation E-Commerce: A Game of Dissecting The Best E-Commerce Software [Infographic]

By Mark Bosci - 2 years ago

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Choosing the right Shopping Cart for Your Business [Infographic]

By Mark Bosci - 3 years ago

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Picking a shopping cart for your online business is one of the most important decisions you will have to make when you launch your website. This graphic examines essential features of shopping cart software from many angles. From a usability perspective, this is possibly the best graphic we have ever featured on this site. Sure, we’ve had graphics to help you memorise the names of every pasta type on Earth, and graphics to make you aware of every nook and cranny on the cruise ship Oasis of the Sea.

But this graphic serves a real practical purpose. Say you’re a website owner. You need shopping cart software for your e-commerce site and you need it now. Where are you going to turn? This graphic, of course.

The graphic points out that web design is very important and that first impressions count a great deal. Grand web design has shown unequivocally to increase conversions. A pie chart on the graphic shows that 75% of web users make snap judgments on a company’s credibility based on its site design. Frankly, I find that rather sad, but that is the reality, and if you are running a website, that is a reality you have to cope with. A more haunting bit is the fact that 68% of users say they will distrust a website if its design isn’t up to snuff. That is very stat to keep in mind if you’re running an e-commerce site.

The graphic goes through a checklist of items that every shopping cart should have in order to be ready for prime-time, if you will. Here’s a brief summary:

  • Support should be offered 24/7
  • Account managers should be available for assistance at all times
  • inventory controls are a must
  • an affiliate program built into the software is ideal
  • the cart should be optimised from a search engine optimisation perspective
What Happens When you Charge a Credit Card [Infographic]

By Mark Bosci - 3 years ago

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Ever wondered about the nuts and bolts of the credit card charging process? This graphic describes exactly what happens when you hand a cashier a credit card and he or she swipes it.

The machine immedately checks to ensure the customer has enough money in their account. The computer looks up information about the customer to verify that everything is copacetic. No money is being transferred for the first few seconds of the transaction, just info about the patron. After the check is complete, the money begins its slow crawl toward the merchant’s bank account. It’s so slow in fact that the money transfer is actually spread over a few days. The total gateway fees aren’t even collected until the end of the month.

According to the stats, a typical transaction of $100 will net the merchant about $96 after all the fees have been tallied up.

Holiday Shipping Infographic

By Mark Bosci - 3 years ago

If you think you’re busy during the holidays, just imagine trying to process nearly 800 million holiday cards in one day. That is the task for many shipping companies and the USPS during this holiday rush. With so many people turning to online shopping for last-minute gifts, just how busy are parcel post workers?


Zendesk has put together an interesting infographic about shipping during the holidays.

Originally posted on the Season of Holiday Shipping

Invoke Live Social Commerce Report

By Mark Bosci - 3 years ago

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